Tuesday, October 13, 2009

123 Free Puzzle 2009 7.0

123 Free Puzzle 2009 offers eight solitaire card games at no cost, so there isn't much not to like about it. Installation is smooth and start-up is quick. A friendly help window displays the available games, and a rules button leads to a detailed description as well as definitions to commonly used solitaire terms. The time and score options can be turned on and off for those who desire free-form play. A variety of interesting and colorful backgrounds are available for the program's interface as well as for the cards. 123 Free Puzzle 2009 should easily provide hours of entertainment to card-game junkies.

Publisher's description

123 Free Puzzle 2009 is an exciting collection of puzzle solitaire card games. They feature good layouts, fast gameplay, rich sounds, extensive options, and a good help menu. 123 Free Puzzle includes eight great puzzle games: Four Sums, Knights Errant, Move for the Goal, Only-One-Left (4-by-4), Only-One-Left (5-by-5), Put-Them-in-Order (4-by-4), Put-Them-in-Order (5-by-5) and Tower of Hanoy. Each game has an unlimited number of possible shuffles, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play.

Version 4.0 includes a new game: Knights Errant, new graphics layout for toolbar and menu, new card set, and new deck (card back).